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About us

Our online shop volkskunstshop-erzgebirge.de sells high quality and lovingly crafted handmade Holzkunst directly from the Erzgebirge as well as ceramics and wooden toys!

We obtain the articles of the Holzkunst from the Erzgebirge directly from the most prestigious manufacturers in the region. So you can be sure you will get real german craftsmanship. Original instead of plagiarism. 

You can not find a certain article in our online shop?

We are always open for references. Please send us a mail with your inquiry!


Erzgebirgische Volkskunst & Holzspielwaren
(in the Ring Center across the cinema)
Neustädter Ring 2
08340 Schwarzenberg/Erzgebirge

E-Mail: info@volkskunstshop-erzgebirge.de